This is a poem about the connection to the infinite source, the wuji, oneness, center, nothingness and infinity, whatever you want to call it. From around 2015.


I’m here to die and bleed on the mic,

Reincarnate inside your mind as visions of light,

Loss of sensation in limbs just vibrations,

I don’t know what time is connected to him,

Perplexing A hymn when recited grows the light that’s within,

It’s all one we are in likeness of him, but more like were within,

The energy of our expression is exactly what is multiplied by our extension,

And before my resurrection,

I was given these simple list of symmetries,

A complicated collection of coexistent varieties,

Excursion in recursion provided me perspective,

A reflection of the higher message,

That love is encoded through connection,

Radiation of one, in nothingness it begun in one direction,

Then spun everything in its reflection,