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Hi, I'm Douglas

Designer - Creator - Rapper - Programmer

I love being a catalyst for self-expression through art.

In my courses, I help visual artists, including photographers, painters and digital artists sell art online successfully.

Whether you want to find freedom from the 9-5, or just get a side hustle to buy new gear, I can help.

I didn’t have much help starting out, so I tried just about everything. I invested a lot of time and found out what was and wasn’t bringing me sales. Now, I want to share what I have learned to bring you lasting success.

I am happy to offer you these courses for free to get you started, and tell you about my Selling Art Online Masterclass, which you can choose to take if you want to go all-the-way with your art. Either way, these 7 free courses will get you on the right path, fast.


A Seven Course Meal

Organize your brand, discover marketplaces, and master your images.

Build on a Strong Foundation

1 In this 18 minute course, we create a document to guide the life of your brand. If you are serious about launching your art business, you need a foundation to stand on. Investing this bit of time now will be invaluable on your journey.

POD for beginners


Redbubble is my favorite place to sell art. To date, I have sold over 17,000 products on Redbubble without any paid advertising. This course is very meant to get you familiar with Redbubble. This course is very basic, and perfect for the absolute print on demand beginner.

Set up a WordPress-based Printful shop in 1 hour

3 Printful has the best margins in the industry, not to mention some of the best products. Printful is different than Redbubble in that you need to set up your own storefront. We will go over creating and integrating a WordPress-based store with Printful.

Unleash your wild side

4 Rageon is both loud and exciting. While Rageon isn’t the best for profits (it’s up to you to promote your shop,) it has some unique and flavorful products and is super quick and easy to get your art up. Let’s have some fun and design some onesies!!

Automatically Convert, resize, and more

5If you have ever had to re-save out all our images, you know how much time that can take. In this course, we learn how to set up a folder that will automagically copy, convert, resize and place images into a new folder. All using Automator, a program installed on every Apple computer (sorry PC users).

Get commercial free fonts for any project

6 I loooooove fonts. Finding the perfect font is like putting cream cheese icing with lemon zest on the cake of your designs. In this course I will show you the best places to find commercial free fonts to use in your designs. 

Just follow these simple instructions

7 Sacred geometry is life. Literally. In this course, we will take some free sacred geometry shapes and make patterns out of them in Adobe Illustrator. You can use the same technique to make any pattern for your art.

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You will receive all 7 (SEVEN) of these courses free, plus a huge coupon to take my Masterclass, detailed below.

This is everything I have learned.

I want to tell you about the best course I have ever made.

My latest and greatest course, Sell Art Online Masterclass, tells ALL of the knowledge I have learned in 6 years selling art online. We talk about the concepts you need to know and actions to take to make it big in the crowded online marketplaces.

We go over the best print on demand and stock photography sites for sellers, talk in-depth about the Success Formula and how to use it, learn how to get lasting traffic from search engines for free, and how to plan your next piece of art to make fast sales, and so much more.

I even created spreadsheets comparing the best Print on Demand and Stock Photography sites, and programmed a calculator in the spreadsheet so you can use the success formula without all the math.

You are in no way obligated to buy my masterclass, it's totally up to you.

You can take the free courses and get a TON of value out of them. I choose to give away these 7 free courses because they are the most complimentary to what I teach in the Masterclass, with very little overlap. The 7 set you up for success, but don't give you the time-saving, profit-maximizing formulas that I have tucked away in the 3 hour Masterclass. You will find completely new content in the Masterclass, and these 7 free courses will set you up to get the most out of the Masterclass if and when you do.

- Douglas James

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Course Testimonials

Great people. Good words.

"I appreciated Sir Douglas's obvious knowledge and understanding of the Redbubble platform. POD is a great market for many artists but it's sometimes overwhelming. Thanks for making things more clear."
Alison Williams
Took Intro to Redbubble
"I loved this course. The teacher knowledge of the topic is outstanding and he's delivering informations fast and clearly. This is not a course about design only, is a course on brand development and how to make the things go.. with cool tips and notes to help your business life. I'm thankful to have bought it!"
Daniele Dalla Valle
Took Start an Online T-Shirt Business at Zero Cost
"Douglas is a great teacher! This course is for anyone who wants to understand the ease of Automator and have control of their art."
Fonda Clayton
TOOK Batch Image Editing Made Easy (Automator)
"No fluff straight to the point. Easy to actionable steps to take."
Jay Salton
TOOK Sell a ton of art on Redbubble
"This is the best course I have found on skillshare and Sir Douglas clearly loves what he teaches and his passion allows him to create this great course. I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart."
Leo Alborzi
"This is what I needed right now! I was actually very impressed with the clarity of presentation of information, the scope of what is covered, and the length of each lesson.

The instructor spoke clearly and was easy to understand. Combined it made all of it worth my time and provided me with exactly what I wanted to know to get started."
Kelda Ytterdal

Thank You!!

I am so grateful to be able to share what I have learned and help so many artists. Thanks for taking my courses!!

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