How to Become a

Digital Nomad

Read This If You Think
Working and Traveling At The Same Time
Feels Like The Next Step in Your Life...

Read this if you think
Working and Traveling at the same time feels like the Next Step in your life.

Hey there!

Have you been thinking that the office isn’t for you anymore? Or working from home still feels like you are missing something

Maybe you are not built for a stationary life, at least not at this moment of your life!

And that’s OK! Not everybody has to settle in one place to be successful…

Digital Nomad Teacher

Others like us, prefer a different lifestyle…
One that allow us to travel the world, explore new cultures, make new friends and have incredible adventures to tell our grandkids!

“That is the life of a Digital Nomad”

“That is the life of a
Digital Nomad”

But, how do people make it work?

Earning enough income to support themselves while traveling…

If you are reading this and thinking…
Becoming a digital nomad will take a lot of money and experience..

You were right… 10 years ago… but times are changing…

During COVID, many in-person jobs went remote, proving that anyone can be a digital nomad, even in fields it used to impossible.

Guess what?

Whether you decide to keep your current job or choosing a different income stream, I want to show you how to make things work 

This is the 2 Step Magic Formula

❶ Master the FINANCIAL aspect

Starting funds, finding your perfect income, active vs passive income, traveler’s expenses and financial planning for digital nomads.


❷ Hack the TRAVEL process

How to pick locations & routes, best & cheap lodging for digital nomads, packing smart, transportation options, securing fast internet, life-saving apps, the must-have gadgets, best ways to have fun, safety considerations and more.

This knowledge is all part of a BRAND-NEW course called

Become a Digital Nomad is the complete step-by-step guide to

Making Income and Planning your Journey

It covers all you need to know, even if you’re starting from zero!

So, if you want to:

  • Have a solid plan for financial independence
  • Overcome fear and break out of your comfort zone
  • Have a system to master the travel lifestyle, and;
  • Live anywhere you want while working online

Then this course is specifically for you!

For Limited Time, It’s Only $99 $14

Get Digital Nomad Course
Digital Nomad Guide

What’s Included in the Course?

Here’s a Fraction of What You’re Getting. . .
  • Removing + Replacing Limiting Beliefs. How to adopt a mindset that can change your life.

Lesson 1

  • All the ways to make income as a Digital Nomad. Including the newest jobs you probably never heard of.

Lesson 3

  • How to utilize Active and Passive Income to boost your monthly earnings.

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

How to find the Perfect Income for your skills. Compare job options, employers, and websites to kick-start your income streams.

(You will get a list of solid options to start earning income online).

  • How to manage Income and Expenses especially during the first months. (HINT: it's OK if your income is lower than your expenses for some time.)

Lesson 2

Lesson 5

Douglas James on Valle de Cocora, Colombia.
  • How to choose astonishing destinations around the world. Use these steps to upgrade your travel lifestyle.
  • I'll take you step by step on how to pick the perfect location to start your journey.
Douglas James on Valle de Cocora, Colombia.
  • All the options for lodging and how to find the best place to stay for digital nomads.

Lesson 6

  • How to pack smart, the ultimate guide.

Lesson 7

  • Our best tips for securing fast internet everywhere you go.

Lesson 9

  • Life-saving apps and sites for digital nomads. My favorite tools to get work done, learn new languages and make travel easier.

Lesson 11

  • Every amazing way to have fun and how to get the most rewarding experiences while traveling.

Lesson 12

Watch the Intro Lesson

  • Unlock the Full Version

Because this Online Course is brand new…

I would like to show you some reviews from other classes, so you can get an idea of my teaching style.

My Promise

  • Unlimited lifetime access with no extra costs ever.
  • My help is always available to you via messages if you have questions or concerns.
  • All future updates are free and fully included.

Which Lessons will you get?

Which Lessons
will you get?

14 Lessons = 2.5 Total Hours
For All Levels

Become a Digital Nomad

The Full Guide to work and travel at the same time!
$ 14 Course Structure | Lessons
  • Welcome to this Course
  • 1. Removing Limiting Beliefs + Locational Ties
  • 2. Financial Planning
  • 3. Income
  • 4. Finding Your Perfect Income
  • 5. Selecting a Location
  • 5. Selecting a Location Part II. Planning an Adventure
  • 6. A Place to Stay
  • 7. What to Pack
  • 8. Getting Around
  • 9. Internet + Staying Connected
  • 10. Managing a Digital Life
  • 11. Life-saving Apps and Sites
  • 12. Having Fun
  • 13. Practical Considerations
  • 14. Total Travel Workflow
  • 15. Our Digital Nomad Journey

Thanks for taking the time to check this out this info and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Douglas James Butner

Digital Nomad, Artist and Online Teacher

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How to be a digital nomad

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