Enlightening Sunset by Douglas James aka Sir Douglas Fresh (Portfolio Link)

I ask for God’s guidance as I hone in these energies,

I love you, I love you, I love you, phoning a friend or three,

Pyramids still holding these,

vibes I collect and ground out through the seven seas,

Take me on your beauty now, the vibe that holds everything,

and let my love and gratitude incur the preservation,

of knowledge of the riders of the light from litigation,

Oh my my my, the energy is so high,

I wish to thank you for this blessing,

Let my actions help it shine on forever more,

faster, and with more permeating beams,

Come walk with me,

Imma speak real clearly,

Move close so you can hear me,

You could choose to love me or to fear me,

Take my word as healing thoughts or improbable theories,

This is everywhere I have been,

everything I have ever felt,

every single thought I ever had,

every card ever dealt,

I’m in my motion,

I’m in my motion,

I’m exactly how I feel when I twist up an element,

Focus on the energy the rest is irrelevant,

What is love without life, what is dark without light,

Now I can be free,

Life is replicated from the simplest of molecules,

What will will be,

What will will be.

The Holy Fucking Rose Ship by Douglas James aka Sir Douglas Fresh (Portfolio Link)