Square Root of Algae by Douglas James


Grazie my bravado,

Saying merci to the lago,

Rode the river to the ocean with my message unbottled,

This love full throttle,

Light trance,

Light dance,

I am me, I can see, but I look only ahead,

Slowly silencing all the talk in my head,

Switch on my third eye, leave two behind,

I fly around my own body, pulling me out and up properly,

Sitting as I get in a comfortable position,

Before my eye starts twitching,

My head starts itching,

I relax to level higher plane with white fire,

Light my burning hearts desire to be one with my all,

Slowly I feel higher as my defenses fall,

Surrender to the will, the will of the light,

My spirit takes my further while the mine slows the fight,

Back to the breathing leaves my mind occupied,

As my consciousness becomes the length of my spine,

I am love,

Tall, I breathe white fire,

Explode my heart to give all who desire,

to get a little higher, light it on my love lighter,

I’m a pyre Imma die or get removed from this plane,

the moment I realize the love I arrive in my brain,

Back to the mission, love is love given,

My feet in the trees kissin,

given when I was missing, that’s perspective, saw I saw it all as a reflection,

As my minds visualizes I jot with the intention of maximum retention when I return to this dimension,

But how can I describe where geometries collide the Christ grid,

should I mention, it’s all inside, so I activate myself,

and let the knowledge radiate through all of my cells,

to strangers its felt, and given in dreams,

I burn aways darkness in all of my seams,

I am the Captain of my ship,

I am the Master of my destiny,

Riding all tides I enter interdimensionally,

Give myself up to the glory of all,

Together as one separation just a cause,

The effect is to get your direction aligned, feel deep your roots, reach high your sky,

Love the only truth, we’re just moving through illusions,

So we can learn to be ourselves again,

To know just who we are,

Imma give it to you short your more than dust you are a star,

So twinkle in the sky your light so high, the size of a universe,

when we connect it becomes real,

The separation is healing,

The love we feel keep building,

I know who I am, I just can’t relate it to my conscious state,

I can only feel it when I ground and float away.

Rainbow Yantra in Space by Douglas James

A Poem by Thoth the American

Transcribed by Douglas James