LOVE: The Only Rule to the Game of Life

Love is the only absolute truth, the only rule to the game of life.

Nebula in Orion, Recolored

Love is the Only Universal Law.

Love is the law, love is the only law, yeah.

The secret of the universe is written in every atom. It is love. The love of the creator, this infinite energy here for us to understand and use, is love.

The creator loves you, and you deserve that love.

God doesn’t take sides, God doesn’t love one thing more than the other. God loves all, and is all love. God loves you. No matter what trespasses you believe you have made, you are still here, you are still a being of love made in his image.

More than anything else in the universe, this truth shall unlock your potential: You are here to love. To BE love. To express love. To become like the creator, to become a creator with your love. You become like the creator Lwhen you embody love.

Your love is unique.

Your love is that only you can unfold, understand, and grow. Your love is your unique vibration, your place in this wonderful world.

Your love is your truth.

Your love is your essence. Your love is your gift to the world, and the world is oh-so-ready to receive it. Your love will destroy the negativity inside of you, destroy your limiting beliefs, and bring to you the kingdom of heaven on earth. That is why you are here. To experience being love

What is love?

Love is the ever-present connection between all things.

Love is the oneness of the big bang, still here, connected like a string of golden light between all things, every atom, every rock, every plant. The unique geometry of this love, in the form of atoms and vibrations (energy) is your language of love.

This language is still totally connected to everything else, and your truth resonates far beyond your physical body, out to literally every piece of yourself in the universe.

Let your love shine.

Let your love become your highest truth.

By Lotus Being