Make Best Selling Fan Art

The secret weapon to jumpstart your art sales.

The most discouraging part of selling art online is getting no sales when starting out …

There is a lot of competition in the market, so it can take a long time to bring enough traffic to start making sales frequently.

After 5 years selling art online, I have discovered lots of tricks to speed up the process of getting your first sales. 

I use Print on Demand (POD) sites like Redbubble, Zazzle and others to sell my art. If you never used them before, I recommend you to start with Redbubble!

note: this article is oriented toward pod stores, as they have fan art programs.

One sure-fire way to start getting sales almost immediately is…

Making Fan Art

There are many POD sites who have teamed with TV shows brands like Rick and Morty, Adventure Time and many others to allow artists to sell licensed artwork on their marketplaces. 
100% legally. 

Redbubble is my favorite place to sell Fan Art. But, there are others out there and the list keeps growing!

Start Creating Fan Art! 

I’m here to give you five Fan Art ideas to help you boost your SEO, bring new eyes to your profile and start making sales.

Learn SEO techniques to bring more traffic to your Art Shop/

Make a stylized catch phrase. I like to use Illustrator for this, expand the text, and make the fill a picture or texture. 

Pro Tip: If you are filling the text, fat fonts work best because you can see more of the image! You can also try to find the font that they use in the show.

Get a screenshot of the show, vectorize it (or not) and then apply filters in Photoshop, or any other filter app.

Pro Tip: You can increase the size of the screenshot before adding the filter, and in most cases, you will get a super high quality image that you can use for Redbubble. This works because the filters will be rendered at the image’s resolution.

Vectorize a character, then use Illustrator to make a pattern, or use the rotate tool to rotate your character around a center point (and repeat) to easily make a mandala!

Pro Tip: You can make a mandala with multiple characters, or one character in multiple situations.

Find or make a vector silhouette of your favorite character, then fill that silhouette with an image! You can use your art, or a commercial-free stock images you find online.

Pro Tip: Try a stylized screenshot as the fill!

Do you make some bangin’ art? Just add a character and Done!

Pro Tip: This is best accomplished with blend modes in Photoshop.

Would you like to see tutorials for each of these techniques?

I will guide you step-by-step to create more artwork in my online course: 

Make Best Selling Fan Art.

I will also give you all the info on POD sites with Partner Programs.

Watch the intro video below to see if the course is something you would enjoy and benefit from.

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Make Best-Selling Fan Art

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Why does Fan Art sell so well?

There is a lot of demand from fans, which helps to bring organic traffic to your store very fast.
My girlfriend got her first sale after two weeks of posting her Rick and Morty artwork on Redbubble! And she still making money.

If you already use POD sites and you’re looking for advanced steps to monetize your artwork, I recommend you to check out this page, it will give you more ideas and ways to sell art online.

Learn to Create Best Selling Fan Art

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