Test - How to know if I can be a Digital Nomad


Do you have

what it takes to be

a Digital Nomad?


When you were a kid, what used to get you most excited?

Imagine that you’ve just won $25,000...

Is your first day in an unknown place...

Where do you enjoy your work time the most?

You planned a day trip in a foreign country but somehow you end up in a different place...

What would be your perfect income stream...

Your Quiz Results
You have everything to be a Digital Nomad

How to be a digital nomad

You have the personality to become a Digital Nomad and you're ready to take the next step! I would love to show you how to work and travel at the same time ➟ Unlock Info
Not 100% ready to become a Digital Nomad

Maybe you enjoy a stationary life more at the moment... but, If you are still interested or have a feeling that this lifestyle will be for you in the future, follow your heart and prepare for it! Investing time now is key to starting out on the right foot. Whenever you are ready, I can show you how ➟ Unlock Info

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Let’s find out if you are ready to become a Digital Nomad in 2021!

Douglas James