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Douglas James Butner, teacher, artist and creator

The first product I ever sold, a T-Shirt, was from Zazzle back in 2013…

I was so excited I showed all my friends the sales receipt, some haters (you George) didn’t even believe that someone would buy the silly hip-hop designs I had made from commercial-free fonts!

Fast forward a year later, 2014, I sold my 1,000th product on Redbubble, a purple t-shirt with my FRESH logo on it.

And, of course, I was so happy, and even more happy that the product happened to be this shirt.

how to sell on Redbubble - using these tips

Here’s the deal…

Out of all the sites I sold my art on…

Redbubble got the most sales for my art.

, Redbubble got the most sales for my art.

Over time, with my interest in SEO and writing good copy, I dialed in a Redbubble specific strategy to SELL MORE artwork $

At the time I write this, I have over 17,000 sales… and the truth is, I had sales every day since nov. 2013 !  

Guess what?

I had taught over 2,000 students how to sell on Redbubble using the strategy I developed

I call it “The Success Formula

Is a simple formula that tells you what you need to work on to be more successful ∞

You have three variables that determine your success: views, conversion rate and commission.

As you learn to manipulate each of the variables, you will maximize the money coming in from your profile!

Let me show you an example with one the variables: VIEWS

Upload a TON of Art

I have uploaded >2,200 works and I started making sales daily around 1,000 pieces in my portfolio.

Categorize your Portfolio

When someone is looking at a piece of your art, a slider below will show more of your art. If the piece is in one or more categories, sliders will appear for each category.

Link to your Product Types

Save the links to your individual products and share them in your artist bio, personal blog or social media.

These are a few tips just for views, imagine if you can dominate the three variables!

Check the lessons I teach below ↓

how to sell on Redbubble - tips to get views

Sell a Ton of Art Online with Redbubble

$49 $14 / Lifetime access
  • Introduction
  • General Strategies & Success Formula
  • Your Profile
  • Artwork Tips (Doing what it sells)
  • Maximizing Titles, Descriptions & Tags (Optimizing Upload Process)
  • Promoting your Artwork for Free (The Good, Better and Best ways)
  • Continued Success Tips
  • Staying Organized (Bonus Lesson)
  • Finding Tags with Adwords (Bonus Lesson)

I've been selling art on Redbubble for a bit over a year, and currently have made 500 sales. I signed up for this course to push my sales to the next level. I consider myself a good researcher, and yet Mr Fresh taught me things I didn't already know. I'm excited to put what I have learned into practice. It was brief, but I actually like that, as it is easy to digest and gets you up and ready to enact the knowledge NOW rather than in a few weeks. Thank you for creating this course!

Jessica Duggan

Review from Udemy

How to sell on Redbubble every day:

This course is also available on Udemy and Skillshare.
As you know, there are a lot of artists selling on Redbubble…
Whether or not you take this course, you can use these 3 variables you learned today to start improving your income from Redbubble right now. I wish you the best!

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