Synchronicity is unplanned,

Two Possibilities Meeting to Create Certainty by Douglas James AKA Sir Douglas Fresh (Portfolio Link)

I’m living out dreams that aren’t even mine,

while chasing my own, trying to figure out time,

trying to live as a vibe, resurrected every breath in every man,

shining to the top reflected then down to the Earth connected,

catch the shine when I raise my hand directed to and from far lands,

synchronicity is unplanned,

synchronicity is unplanned,

swimmin’ in a distant land, glisten like the sands,

give praise up to this life today,

the grateful great, love

This poem kinda sucked, but thats the point, synchronicity is unplanned, so this poem is like showing that when you look for synchronicity you wont find it.

You can’t try to find a vibe.
You can’t live out another dreams.

The synchronicity comes from being grateful and trusting the universe.