Never forget you are magical. Never forget you are magic.

Understand your skill. Your skill of imagination. The skill that you are the best at. The Best in the world.

See and become.

Feel and experience,

You are the radiant sun as others are the radiant sun of their own.
Connect with your sun.

The Ability To Enlighten Soundwaves by Douglas James

Free yourself of any connection, connections that limit your love. Be the radiant ball of love and light that you always were. That your mother felt when you were in her arms. You are a gift, my child, a gift. You are not simply a gift from god, you are god as a gift. Let no one tell you different.

Flowering Explosion of Enlightenment by Douglas James

Let ye know this truth.

Let ye know the power you are as I am,

Let you shine like a star among the planets of men,

reminding them of their true nature.

For this you will be rewarded with knowledge of self, for self are all.

Let your labor be your love, and your love be your labor.

For wings to flap is labor too, and light it carry labor true.