You Power On. You Power Up. You’re in.

~Ascension Chronicles~ This is a Matrix-Style fictional short story where you have been training through lucid dreaming to experience oneness with all things in the universe.

Carina Nebula From NASA

This dream was the most lucid you could remember.

You have woke up here before. Many times. The planet you step foot on is covered with a type of life that goes right through you as you walk. Like spiraling tendrils of transparent light that bend toward you as you approach, connecting to your energy system and sharing their power with you. The planet is in a colorful cloud nebula, with only the brightest stars shining through the gassy expansions of color.

No more games.

No more levitating objects, No more flying, balancing between falling and shooting upward out of the world. No more waking up too early.

You Power On.

You do this by feeling your body, every inch of your skin and body systems.

You Power Up

Feeling the energy inside you. Focusing your attention on the energy, feeling and loving it, magnifying the light.

You are aligned, you are in tune, and your vibrations are rising as your attention focuses deeper and deeper in the pure radiance of the light.

You see a beautiful flash of light accompanied by a wave of joy as you break the lightspeed barrier.

You are in.

This is it. This is the time you really figure it out.

You are Neo in The Matrix.

It was so obvious, but I mean, the levels to get here were so seducing you don’t blame yourself for taking so long. But this is it. You have it all figured out, what all is.

Yourself. You control it. You bring it. It isn’t external, its you.

You are something so pure you can’t comprehend. All these things are here to help you be you. You aren’t just you, you are everything. Your view of yourself is that of one with all. Now you understand. You can’t know yourself by yourself. You are the one. You are the all.

Be. Yourself.

You accept that you don’t know what that means fully, but love the potential. Love the unknown. Love the experience. Love it all.

You sit on the ground and immediately begin to float.

You close your eyes and everything is growing and glowing. The ground is a solid sheet of light, with tendrils of light spinning up all around you, like blades of tall grass that move without the wind. Your body is tubes of light. These tubes combine with tubes coming up from the center of the planet to form a great tube to the center of the universe. Your body is now in connection with the light of the ground and you are slowly floating upward.

The sky above you is raining down an Aurora Borealis of rainbow energy. You can feel it like a mist slowly cascading over your essence.

Your breath. Your breath seems so real, so powerful, like you can breathe in and out the essence of the universe with every breath. You know you are dreaming, you accept that, but you know this experience is more than a dream, you are actually breathing.

You take this powerful breath and feel joy. You imagine everything that makes you very happy to be alive. It plays for you in the mist surrounding you. You reach for its essence of light, with a mist of color draping the outside of your perception of each concept. Your concepts of self and else widen as you connect with the concepts in the spirit world. These shapes you create for yourself are dancing our of each other, one form being made and then dissolving or morphing into another. A forest of animals you have created; deer, lions, strong faces of gorillas, playful faces of monkeys.

You see the first man. You see yourself in all stages of development. You see the first tribes of the world as they learn to connect to the spirit world you are now in tune with.

You see the love of Romeo and Juliette, their chubby faces floating in the mist, laughing and circling each other with their curly hair bouncing.

You have seen great beings, strong and peaceful, all from the mist, communicating with your essence, in some way guiding you through your dream state.

Now you get deeper. You can tell by your breath. Before you were almost intentionally breathing slowly. Now your breath is breathing you slowly. Every cell in your body. Funny you think, you aren’t even awake. You have forgotten this is a dream and are now living the experience for real.

The light mist that was holding the shapes is now encompassing you now. All forms of patterns are melting and forming rigidity around you. Without moving your head you look around, seeing the dance, allowing the dance to take you.

You’re swept up in the light. It flows through you like the wind through the trees. Drawing you upward, you are growing, growing in size, growing in the complexity in the patterns dancing all around you. Where you’re sitting is surrounded by a circle, a circle made of triangles, triangles vibrating into all shapes and colors.

Blast Off to Enlightenment by Sir Douglas Fresh

You’re being drawn towards a pure light above you.

This light is making you taller as it brings you towards it. As you surrender towards the light, it fills your body, as it enters your brain all of your experience changes. You’re no longer sitting on the dusty field, in some strange dreamscape you have created for your consciousness to grow. You’re now experiencing pure love, pure joy, pure expansion. You can feel the energy shooting up and down your spine, like a column, but other than that you are completely gone, completely dissolved, completely within the light. A shaped is presented to you above your head, shape you can’t quite comprehend, the Shape that is all of the shapes together. It seems to be moving, showing itself to you in lines that aren’t really there. Expanding and contracting as it enters your crown, like it is going to different places and bringing them into the synchronicity, into the pattern held within this shape.

As the shape enters you it goes down towards the earth. As it does a vibration comes up from the ground to meet it. Your whole body is vibrating. Within the light, you’re starting to have experiences that are so vivid, like you are in a 360º movie. The more you focus on one of your visions the more it is drawn to you. You are illuminated and illuminating as the shape comes down, the vibration gets higher, and the light more fully enters your vessel, you start to spend more and more time in each of these locations that you see, each of these realities that are presented to you. You go all over the universe, all over the cosmos. Each time you land, your reality is just as real as when you are awake. As you live through these experiences, you understand the way the light works. The light is the connection between all things, and you are presenting a query, a request, a vibration that the light can match.

You learn to more fully form your queries, form your desires to learn, and to learn more about yourself. Eventually, within this light you are living entire lives. You live in entire life in the blink of an eye to your here body, breathing like a spirit within the life you become. So many lives you are living in one breath. So much you are learning as the light.

You are on your path, your path of service. All of your experiences within the light showed you all of the possible paths to learn, and you now know you even more. You see the different versions of yourself in every man woman and child.

You are the light.

It is your service to shine, it is your joy to shine.

You wake up in your bed gently. Your body is still completely relaxed, like you are floating in saltwater.

“I am love” you say as you smile, with beams of joy shooting out of your eyes and heart to illuminate the whole planet