You Wake Up Floating in Light

A “Matrix-like” short story about waking up to the awesome world we live in. This is a fictional story with elements taken from higher density experiences written with the intention of waking up your subconscious to the light all around you and your connection to your higher self.

Beep Beep Beep Beep

*Slam alarm clock*

“I don’t want to wake up.” You think.

“Maybe I can finish this dream.”

You look around.

You are floating in light.

The corners of the sheets hanging off the mattress are flapping in the breeze.

Your fear of height instantly hits you as you try to look us to avoid looking down. You feel your body sinking slightly, you look down and the bed isn’t there, neither is anything else. And your skin looks different.
Yes, it does.
You can see through your skin. Almost like you are made of tubes of light, but these tubes of light look more transparent as you stare at them, moving into elliptical shapes, changing from white to all the colors of the rainbow, back to white as soon as you glance away.

Where am I?
You almost get out of your lips before a wave of uncontrollable joy comes over you.. You see a light above you. You are floating towards the light. You are amazed how good you feel. You have never felt this good about ANYTHING.

That new car,

That promotion,

Photo by Giulia Bertelli

That girl you dreamed about for half of high school that became your girlfriend.

Nothing compares to the light you feel in your heart right now.


You shout at the top of your lungs as you orient yourself upward, letting your feet become straight and your arms to the sky.

You are floating upward towards the light.

Everything makes sense for some reason.

You know the truth. The truth of love. You are feeling this vibration within you match and come closer to the light above you as you float up ever higher, ever closer.

Events from your life that left you out of alignment are flooding your head, but you don’t bother to confront them. You don’t bother to justify your bad behavior, or why you should have been treated fairly. You forget about the long list of unfortunate circumstances that lead your movie career to never get started, or your band out of the garage.

You observe everything, seeing the balance around every event, seeing how it was propelling you to find the unique vibration of a loving being you now feel.

As you get closer you see rays of light very visibly. You think back to childhood when you would squint your eyes looking at the street light so big lines would appear. Only now you are right beside these lines. They are wide. Wider than your arm, and are elliptical shaped. As your eyes shift so do they. Inside these beams of light are tighter beams like a fractal, and you wonder if there are wider beams too.


Now you are getting closer to the light. You start to see other beings floating around this light.

They seem like they are waiting for something. You wonder what. Some of them seem to be still oriented towards the light but not moving, just hovering.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

All of a sudden another human looking figure zooms beside you. WEEHEEIIIIOOOOOOAH You hear him yell, just like you did when you realized the love you were in. This being looks like the happiest person you have ever met. His body has started to unravel and just his upper torso, arms and up have any resemblance of a human. He shoots past you and up toward the light, breaking through the veil, and you can only assume unraveling fully like his lower body to merge with the light.

Another being comes beside you. As he passes he looks at you instead of the light and instantly gets unraveled, falling away from the light into his own shadows.


You didn’t think that could happen.

You don’t know what to believe now, but you are pretty sure one way or another you are going to unravel here today.

You remember the lesson you learned on your trip to India you took in your late twenties. This seemed so much more magical than anything that you heard described there or anything else.


Love, you remember

You laugh as you fell yourself again, as you raise your vibration to meet with that love.

You feel your heart vibrate and look down to se your chest is now encompassed with a giant growing ball of light. You are moving again.


You let out the loudest scream of joy of your whole existence and fly through the mist of beams of light to the light above.


The tingles of pure love and joy liberate every inch of your being. You know. Everything you know. A geometrical shape fills your vision entirely. It is so complex and foreign, but you feel like you know the essence of it and that essence is very simple.

You can see again.

All timelines are here. You pause for a second to look at every timeline of your life. Every one brings you here, but only this one you are ready to ascend. What an incredible feeling this is. You send love to all of the versions of yourself to let them know it is okay and you are here in perfection with them. You rejoice with all the people you love and go on to meet and share joy with many beings not of your world or plane.

Your awareness expands, to the point you don’t have any thoughts, just joy, expanding in all directions. You become the beams of light extending joy in every direction to all of the souls. Everyone is here now. You have shined through every beam of light in every star in the universe. The love is always expanding, always radiating, always shining.

Once the lovelight has penetrated all in every possible way, after a time that cannot be described in time, you come back. To the beginning. You are here, at the beginning. The beginning of all things. You made it. You all made it. Somehow the lessons you have learned survive. The lessons of love.

You wake up.

There is a bed below you.

A heavy exhale pushes from every cell in your body.

“Wow” you exclaim aloud.

It all seemed so real.

“It is real.” You hear a voice behind you say

You turn around quickly to see….